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#TGIF Happy Halloween 2014 seen in the neighborhood, west 69th near Columbus Avenue. This building goes all out every year!🙂 image/editing/sookietex and released into the public domain. More about this image and story at Public Domain Clip Art – http:// by sookietex on Flickr.

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First Ebola, now Marburg. Here’s why deadly viruses are on the rise in Africa


As the Ebola virus ravages western and central Africa, one of its virulent cousins has turned up in the opposite corner of the continent. Ugandan authorities report that a healthcare worker in Kampala, the country’s capital, died on Sep. 28 of Marburg virus, a hemorrhagic fever with similar symptoms to Ebola. The 30-year-old radiographer had come down with symptoms about 10 days earlier, said the health ministry.

Does this augur another terrifying outbreak like the one that’s killed more than 3,400 in western Africa?

Probably not. One of the reasons the Ebola virus has killed so many is that this is the first time it’s turned up in western Africa, and the region’s governments have lacked the expertise and infrastructure to contain the virus’ spread.

Not so in Uganda. Since both Marburg and Ebola crop up periodically there, the health ministry is practiced at containment in a way that Liberia, Sierra Leone…

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They Will Climb The Walls


My #bannedbooksweek story takes place in Elementary School, 4th grade, when I learned that people ban books and a partial reason why.

I was that kid in school that asked the teacher to spend time in the library whenever the chance arose. I kept to myself throughout elementary school, and it was at its worst by 3rd grade. I was teased a lot, mainly name calling and sometimes physical violence that was looked over by my teacher. But I realized if I kept to myself as much as possible, I could go unnoticed by everyone for the most part.

During 4th grade, one of my only friends at school was my librarian which sounds pathetic, but it’s something I will never regret. At first blush, she was very intimidating. Looking back on when I met her now that I’m an adult, she seemed to hate children, hate her job, or…

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