Inflatable Art Exhibit In Hong Kong


Inflatable Sculpture Exhibition

Emptiness is Form. Form is Emptiness, 2013, by Korean contemporary artist Choi Jeong Hwa.


Inflatable Sculpture


This sculpture is called Falling into the Mundane World, by Tam Wai Pingon.


US artist Paul McCarthy called his sculpture Complex Pile.

Full Article: Inflatable Stonehenge Replica In Hong Kong.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: COLOUR

Lost in Translation

A year ago five young amateur artists in Zagreb launched an initiative dubbed as “Pimp My Pump” which implied decorating one of the most authentic town symbols, old street water pumps. The project included about 40 of such pumps placed all over the town, and one of them came to life in my street.

Apart from graffiti that are rather scarce in the town; the vandalising scribbling on historic buildings can hardly qualify as such, this is the one piece of street art that we can be proud of in Zagreb.



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