Destination: The Medieval Town of Motovun, Croatia

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Motovun - Croatia

Located in the high hills of the Peninsula of Istria, Croatia — surrounded by thick forests that sweep upward from the Adriatic Sea — Motovun is a medieval fortress city of just 531 residents. Over 1000 years old, the hilltop was once known as “Kastelijer,” and was taken over by Venice in 1278. While being held as a “Territory” of Venice, the city erected its great walls, gates, and ramparts — which are still in-tact today — giving the city its high-walled castle look.

Motovun Croatia Map

With only 531 residents living within the city walls of Motovun, the city is now more of a travel destination in Croatia, rather than a functioning city, though the vineyards along the rolling hills outside the city gates keep the local farming economy going.

Motovun -- St Stephen Church

Parish Church of St. Stephen

Those who love to travel around Europe simply for the impressive, old churches will not want to…

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