Pele and Bobby Moore

Iconic Photos

Iconic Photos looks back on one of the greatest moments of soccer and of sportsmanship. 

England and Brazil came into the 1970 world cup in Mexico with high hopes. England were the reigning champions; Brazil, the winners of 1958 and 1962, lost embarrassingly and were kicked out at the group stage in 1966. Now they were back, with a team of “five number 10s” – Pele, Jairzinho, Rivelino, Gerson and Tostao.

Many people predicted that the groupmatch between England and Brazil would be the dress rehearsal for the eventual inevitable final. It wasn’t, but the match in did not disappoint. Even today, even those who do not know much about football and its history (like your writer) would recognize the iconic moments from this match: Alan Ball’s and Jeff Astle’s misses, Bobby Moore’s tackle on Pele and, of course, Gordon Banks’s remarkable save from Pele’s header, which had been repeatedly called the best save…

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My Mom’s Music & Pol Pot: Happenings in January 1976

Creative Thresholds

by Megan Volpert

bob dylan desire


My mother turned eighteen years old on the same Monday Pol Pot presided over the ratification of Democratic Kampuchea’s new Constitution. She was one year short of drinking age, with no other legal freedoms worth claiming except the delayed gratification of a right to vote against Ford that following winter. Cambodia’s new regime had little to say about the right to vote, except in Article Six, where the distribution of representation among members of the legislative body is outlined as 150 for the peasants, 50 for other working people, and 50 for the revolutionary army. Those 250 people get to elect the administration, as long as they elect Pol Pot. This was Year Zero, where everybody not eligible to vote was eligible to assist the Khmer Rouge in its grand new vision of communism by marching off to dig themselves a slice of mass grave. This…

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Oresund Sunset Explosion by eyeofalens


Please pop this on black for an Oresund Sunset Explosion

Well I new that the Oresund stretch between Sweden & Denmark can put on some remarkable sunsets delivered by nature & after again keeping an eye on the sky & seeing what the clouds & sun were doing yesterday evening I made the 10 mins drive & knee deep wade to the this remarkable location. I couldn’t believe how still it was …like a glass mirror & for the Oresund thats remarkable as Skane is know as a very windy location . This image is not as still as it was when I arrived when it truly was like glass & is just one of many images captured on a very remarkable evening …but still I know this place can deliver more.
All I have done to the image is tonality & high dynamic control, pulled on the shadows of…

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