Concrete Floors Polirani Beton

Tisel Milan Vukovic

Under the term of CONCRETE FLOORS we offer our customers a complete solution for the planning, construction, maintenance and renewal of high-quality decorative and functional concrete floors. In order to offer our customers the optimal and first of all complete solution, we cooperate with renowned manufacturers of building materials and other auxiliaries required for the
production of concrete floors (densifiers, cements, aggregates, pigments, decorative glass granules, coatings and much more). Consequently we provide you not only all machines and consumables for the processing of various stone and especially concrete floors from a single source, but also a qualified support in all technical and commercial questions. We and our partners will support you in all project
steps – starting with working out of your offer for your customers till the last
polishing step of your completed floor. 12 good reasons why concrete does not only have to be grey and boring:…

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