Concrete Floors Polirani Beton

Under the term of CONCRETE FLOORS we offer our customers a complete solution for the planning, construction, maintenance and renewal of high-quality decorative and functional concrete floors. In order to offer our customers the optimal and first of all complete solution, we cooperate with renowned manufacturers of building materials and other auxiliaries required for the
production of concrete floors (densifiers, cements, aggregates, pigments, decorative glass granules, coatings and much more). Consequently we provide you not only all machines and consumables for the processing of various stone and especially concrete floors from a single source, but also a qualified support in all technical and commercial questions. We and our partners will support you in all project
steps – starting with working out of your offer for your customers till the last
polishing step of your completed floor. 12 good reasons why concrete does not only have to be grey and boring: No. 1 Versatility Polished concrete floors cover an incredible wide range – from simple
functional industrial floors up to high gloss polished, with exotic aggregates and colour pigments decorated designer surfaces. The characteristics, function, appearance and costs can be determined in advance and are adjustable in the planning phase. No.2 High efficiency Polished concrete floors are wear- and shock-resistant and guarantee minimal maintenance costs compared to coatings and natural stones. No.3 Problem-free and quick maintenance and renewal Polished concrete floors can be quickly maintained or renewed multiple times without big investments. No smelling and environment harming chemicals must be used, no dust pollution expected.Consequently the concrete floors can be renewed without any interruption of the daily business (production, storekeeping, showrooms etc.). No.4 Optimal cost/ value proportion Long lifetime of up to100 years, simple and fast reworking, low maintenance demand with large intervals
as well as excellent performance characteristics already amortize the initial investment in a few years and save your money year by year. No.5 Simple and costs-effective reconstruction of old concrete grounds With some know- how the most old, porous and soft concrete grounds can be reworked into high-strength, optically attractive floors. This helps to avoid the enormous investments in complete removal of the old and the construction of the new ground. No.6 Sealed, stain resistant
surface Concrete surface can be tightly sealed by applying of the special chemicals and absorbs thereby no liquids and impurities (oils, colours, liquids etc.).Therefore your concrete ground always stays clean! No.7 High reflectivity Polished concrete reflects light, makes the area brighter and saves energy for the lighting. No.8 High slip resistance Compared with power_of_nanotechnology_video_blow_your_mind240p.flvnatural stone, polished concrete is much less slippery – more safety for you and your visitors! No.9 No dust pollution Correctly constructed concrete floor do not emanate dust! No. 10 Less tire wear in storage and
production halls Polished concrete is characterized by its very even, smooth surface and therefore
it reduces the tire wear of cars and forklifts. No.11 Environment For the construction and maintenance of polished concrete floors no polluting, toxic and strong smelling chemicals are necessary. The whole process is nearly dust-free.