em’s talkery: SUPER HACKERS – Hackers, according to what I’ve read in reliable places, are smart guys who figure out how to get into anything and everything that’s private.. In a recent Time Magazine, I read that the # 1 smartest-of-smart social-networking guys have formed a group to do unto others what others have been doing unto them. Oh no! Well … probably YES — they’re H A C K I N G. Sean Parker, 33 former head of FB, founder of Napster, Ron Conway, 62, money man, investor, Mark Zuckerberg 29, FB kingpin, Joe Green, 29, Zuck’s former roommate who’s a super publicist, Ro Khanna, 36, Silicon Valley lawyer who is trying to unseat Google’s founder, Larry Page — those are the main guys in Fwd.us,


em’s talkery: SUPER HACKERS.