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10 Tips to an Outstanding Pinterest Brand Page – Salesforce Marketing Cloud. By Mitt Ray

A good brand page is a basic necessity for successfully promoting your business on social media platforms like Pinterest. A good brand page will help build your presence, attract followers, and generate sales and leads.

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Best of 2012: The First $1M Electric Supercar

Croatian carmaker Rimac Auto has announced it will put into production the Concept One electric supercar, a concept vehicle that first made waves at last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show. The battery-powered vehicle boasts more than 1,000 Hp and reaches a top speed of 190 Mph. Only 88 are expected to be sold worldwide in 2013. Video Courtesy Rimac Automobilia. (Source: Bloomberg)

putemBest of 2012: The First $1M Electric Supercar.


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Meaning Of A Facebook Like – Lately we’ve heard a lot of debate about the value of a Facebook like. Some have tried to calculate the ROI of a like for a brand, while others argue that the intrinsic value of a like can’t be quantified. With so many competing opinions on the value of a like, our team decided this was a topic worth investigating further.

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